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Jerry & Debra Barron

How Do They Do It?

If we could bottle and sell the formula Debbie and Jerry Barron have concocted to live their lifestyle, we’d all be rich. The thing is, these two work together, eat together, sleep together, pray together, and dream together – you get the idea. Who among us has the tools in our emotional toolbox to be business colleagues and husband and wife at the same time, 24/7/365?

While they don’t always agree on everything, Jerry and Debbie agree on the big things. They have faith; in the Lord, in each other and in their country. They share love; for God, for each other and their country. They trust in God’s plan, each other and the founding principles of their country. They share their joys and sorrows with God, each other and they generously serve their community. They also share a gracious, spontaneous sense of humor. Just ask any member of their staff.

Debra’s deepening devotion to God has helped the entire staff bridge the gap between spiritual Sundays and secular workdays. There is a new dawn shining on the world of business; the Son has risen. As Barron’s Ministry Director, Debra incorporates the Lord’s wisdom in the company’s daily operations. It all starts with one word: serve – as in service to others within the firm and throughout the community. Debra has a full schedule. Contact Debra

Jerry Barron, Owner/Producer, is the only person in our office who:

  • has more than 28 years experience matching coverage to client needs
  • is a Certified Insurance Counselor
  • is the resident mentor/teacher/coach to staff members on client care
  • volunteers at all of these community organizations: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Knights of Columbus, DARE Advisory Board (past Secretary/Treasurer), Bedford Business Association (Secretary of the Board), Bedford Lions Club member and Truth @ Work Round Table member.
  • personally decorated his office to pay homage to Michigan football – GO BLUE!

Like others in his company, he continues to grow in his faith. Contact Jerry

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