Michigan Auto Insurance has changed, providing clients with more options on medical coverage.  At Barron Insurance Agency, we are happy to educate you, client or not, on the No-Fault Reform options available.


The biggest changes you will see:


  1. Previously, all Michigan auto polices included Unlimited Medical Coverage. Now, you have options available to choose from ranging from keeping unlimited medical coverage to completely opting out of medical coverage if you qualify and chose to do so.
  2. The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Assessment (MCCA) dropped from $220 to $100 a year.

  3. The state minimum liability limits were increased to $50,000/$100,000. The state recommends having at least $250,000/$500,000.


If you are not familiar with the No-Fault Reform, we highly recommend that you visit www.michigan.gov/autoinsurance for further information or give our agency a call.

“What Barron Insurance Agency Recommends”

At Barron Insurance Agency, we strive to give all of our clients a peace of mind when it comes to their coverage. Please know that our agency recommends all clients keep unlimited medical coverage to ensure adequate coverage. There are gaps and limitations with Medicare. If you have qualified health insurance coverage now, that may not be the case in the future. If you do not notify your auto agent that you lost your health insurance coverage or that the plan changed, you may have gaps in coverage or no coverage at all.  We also recommend at least $250,000/$500,000 liability limits as does the state.

Having said that, we will be more than happy to help you with whatever selection you make and see the process through.

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